Greetings! My campaign is played every other Saturday evening from 5PM until 9PM.

I will try to get things up to speed here, so be patient while I gradually add information.

We are just leveling up to 3rd level. So far the party has gained information that suggests that a family of Rakshasa’s is controlling many of the Hobgoblin tribes in the region. They have also intercepted a note indicating that the “Oni now control most of their tribes”. The Mages Guild suspects that this is most likely the tribes of Hill Giants that are in the same region. Two different sets of Outsiders controlling the regions two most powerful monster tribes is unsettleing, to say the least. The party is charged with investigating the matter, and confirming that a) the Rakshasa’a do control the Hobgoblins, and b) the Oni do control the Hill Giants. The Mages Guild will surely have an ongoing interest in matters…

Hobgoblin Surprise!

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