Roland Volcar


Adopted by a Knight, he grew up immersed in the Knightly ways and following the Knights code. However, he never seemed to have truly earned the respect of the other knights around him. So he felt he had no choice but to go forth into the world in search for the greatest challenge he could find, and return with a trophy that will win the respect of his Old Comrades.

After crossing the sea to a new continent, Roland was drawn into a small group of friends formed from the curious investigation of a hobgoblin spotted moving through an inappropriate region, which eventually lead them to investigate a mysterious on goings and the enrollment into the Adventure’s Guild.

Once in the Guild, Roland was appointed the spokesmen of their little adventuring group which is now known as the RECKHing crew. And shortly after they were registered with the Guild, they were contracted to help protect a caravan. Where they have moved on to slay Giants, Goblins, Trolls, and various Barbarians; which he hopes will bring him closer and closer to the great challenge that will earn him the trophy he so desires.

Roland Volcar

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